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animation of ellipsoids_ellallip

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Design Concept:

To show the old merging with the new.  The animation simulates a person walking past the sculpture; starting at 45 degrees from the face and walking around to view it from 45 degrees on the opposite side.  One image is of Aristotle the great philosopher (who was originally intended to sit atop the plinth*) and the other is a current student/philosopher reading on the MIT steps.

*  “The four plinths were originally intended to support four sculptures of ancient Greek thinkers Aristotle, Ictinus, Archimedes, and Callicrates.” -MIT Tech

Click for animation…

Pseudo Code: (also see the “image-based pixelization” tool posted above which went into this design)

  • ‘delete any previous work in the Rhino model
  • ‘call the PictureDiameter function below (twice)
  • ‘create new origin point for second heightfield
  • ‘select heightfield by which to generate new grid dimensions from
  • ‘create bounding box to evaluate dimensions of the heightfield
  • ‘create grid from boundingbox of selected heightfield
  • ‘create new layer on which to place ellipsoid in order to call and rotate it each time it runs through the n+1 iteration
  • ‘create ellipsoid using the diameter from each image and a fixed height
  • ‘move ellipsoid to Default layer once rotated
  • ‘delete unnecessary “Temp” layer

  • ’embedded Function PictureDiameter
  • ‘create heightfield
  • ‘create bounding box to evaluate dimensions of the heightfield
  • ‘create grid from boundingbox of selected heightfield
  • ‘create circles with a diameter dimension linked to the z value for each point of the heightfield
  • ‘create 1D array of diameter dimensions
  • ‘define PictureDiameter


TOOL_image based pixel generator_dual image ellipsoids



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assign2_Boxes on a Curve


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WRAPPER unfold skin from volume. generate elevation pattern. reapply skin to volume.

PIXELIZED aggregate/focus generator. given scale or hierarchy it will generate an appropriate density for a hatch. (explorational use could be to show a new hierarchy of an image unrelated to it’s distance from camera, i.e. pixelate the foreground or irrelevant objects) and (practical use is to remove duplicate lines in a 2D rendering, simplify trees at a distance, or eliminate mullions in windows, ect…)

PLAN CUT generate intersection of ground plane. eliminate duplicate lines. close curves. generate areas calculation from curve for charts.

PRINT QUEUE print script. queue renderings or scenes for batch print.

Script01 link : script for multiplying object, given spacing and quantity