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This the image for the second assignment

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4 Tools & Array along curve_fai

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Tools: 2 for design tool, 2 for application tool

EasyFaçade: To create a façade pattern for the polysurface of a volume (building envelope pattern), user can select scale, division, pattern or even a shuffle pattern

CrazyMosaic: Dull with regular and orthogonal mosaic pattern? It helps user to for a random mosaic pattern on a surface with different sizes of mosaic tile in other to fill up the surface. User can specify mosaic sizes and scale.

DWG Smile: Like taking photo for the model to automatically generate plan, elevations and sections on proper paper size with designated scale for print or further edit.

LazyCut: To help user to prepare lasercut file without manually unroll surfaces, prepare cutting sheets, help user to minimize material use and trace cutpiece ID


10.01.21-a2-Array along curve-v1_Fai: To array boxes along curve with scaling effect according to the point on the curve

input number of division

the curve parameter at the last point

to create a box at the starting point

orient and scale boxes at each division point

3d Grid_Fai

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Here is my Assignment 1 (First Rhino Script in my life), I hope more is coming.

10.01.20-a1-3d grid_Fai: To form a 3d grid of  the  selected object