Dynamic Spiraling

Varvara Toulkeridou


The code generates a 3d spiraling pattern. The user controls the density of the pattern and the geometry of the origin curve that will be further copied to create the circular configuration.

Here are some variations from the use of the dynamic spiraling tool:

Here is the sample code:    Dynamic Spiraling

Pseudo code:

– Think of a virtual set of  homo centric circles of various radius located on different heights on the z axis.

– Add a point on the base virtual circle and copy and rotate the point by a certain angle  to the  next virtual circle. Repeat the step for all the circles.

-Create a interpolated curve connecting the output points.

-Copy and rotate the curve to create a circular pattern.

-Copy and rotate the curve to create the mirrored circular pattern.

-Use Ari’s multi pipe tool to add thickness to the curves.

What offers  interesting outputs to the general geometry of the form is playing with the array that defines the virtual circles –

varying the heights can output results of patterns that fold into each other.

NOTE: I noticed while trying the code that there were cases of sets of virtual circles for which the code was not working (usually for big angles of rotation)


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